News Lists

Below are the daily news lists created by the mediaHUB team for the last five working days (most recent at the top) – to inspire you if you’re looking for ideas.

Friday 16 April

Pubs ‘must put calorie counts of drinks on pump labels and menus’  – is this a good public health move, or will this put you off your beer, and how damaging could this be for people suffering with eating disorders? 

Covid: Colleges face losing tens of millions of pounds – speak to local colleges, universities and  – adult education centres about this – do they think they will be able to deliver 90% of training? How will they cope if they have to return some of the budget they received?

4.7 million waiting for operations in England – what are the waiting lists like locally? Can we speak to local trusts and people who are waiting for surgery? 

Brain clots ‘more likely’ with Covid infection than vaccine – vox pop – are people more likely to take the jab after hearing this news?

I’m Iron Man! So-called Iron Man armour suits seem to hold exciting potential for everyone from production workers to the seriously injured: can we explore this potential with eg: local doctors and Nissan?

Facebook urged to scrap Instagram for children plans – speak to parents about whether they would be comfortable with their children having this app. Ask a child psychologist about whether this could be damaging for children.

Gnome shortage: Lockdown and Suez canal blockage blamed – can we speak to local garden centres about whether they have seen any gnomes recently. Have they had customers asking for them?

Disquiet over links between politicians and private companies grows – can we check whether any of our local politicians (MPs or city councillors) have declared links with private industry, and what local leading politicians think about the issue in general. Should we trust them?

How do those who are still waiting on a jab feel about things reopening? Are they concerned about Covid?

Petition launched after a popular coffee van stopped from trading in a Sunderland park – why was the coffee van stopped from trading? Who is the owner? What do regular park goers think about this?  

Sunderland’s first dedicated smoothie bar opens at Stack Seaburn – speak to owners of the bar – how many customers have they had? What have been their most popular products? Speak to customers – how have they found it?

How Newcastle’s Central Park will look when the North East’s ‘biggest beer garden’ opens in April – where will this be? When will it open? How can people book tables?

MetroCentre reopens non-essential retailers with these rules for shoppers – has social distancing been possible in the metrocentre? Has it been busy? What has been done to make it safe for shoppers and workers?

America’s latest police shooting, this time of a Latino teenager: how do UK BAME people feel about what’s going on in the US right now? 

The amazing architecture of cake-builder Emily Garland: do we have any amazing cake-makers in the area producing incredible confectionary constructions? 

Now that charity shops are open again, where are the bargains, what do they want you to donate – and what do they want you to stop donating?

Prince Philip’s funeral tomorrow: there’s been divided opinion over the media coverage of his death – can we vox-pop how relevant and important people feel the Royals are now to their everyday lives and the modern country?


Dion Sanderson is injured for the season at SAFC – what will they do to replace him?

Lee Johnson press conference this afternoon – could we have a write up of what is said?

Steve Bruce will also speak to the media for NUFC

Newcastle Falcons host Bristol tomorrow – preview of the game

Newcastle Eagles play tonight against the Riders – preview of the game or even live coverage as it happens


Best eco-friendly tampons 2021 – recyclable & biodegradable picks – what are the best eco-friendly sanitary products? 

The friends reunion has been filmed – what are the best outfits from each character on the show?

Oscars Nominations 2021: The Full List Of Nominations Plus All The Details – what have been some of the best Oscar red carpet outfits in the past? The most memorable looks?

Speak to local beauty salons about reopening – have any of the FN team been first in line for treatments? 


Thurs 15 April

Students feel like an ‘afterthought’ after university return date – how do students at each local university feel?

Covid: 82% of positive rapid tests ‘were correct’ – have the use of rapid tests caused a rise in cases locally? What impact have they had?

Covid jab could be required for England care home staff – could we speak to local care homes about this? And families of those who are in care homes – do they worry about staff not being vaccinated while looking after their family members?

Covid-19: Vaccine passports could create ‘two-tier society’, equality watchdog warns – who would this exclude? Could we speak to those who are unable to have the vaccine about how they may feel about the idea of vaccine passports?

Working hours: ‘I’ve no idea when I’ll be told what shifts I have’ – are there any people in Sunderland experiencing short notice of shifts? How does it impact their lives?

Charity shops tell donators: ‘Think before giving’ – speak to local charity shops about reopening – have they received many donations this week? Have they had many people come into their stores? 

Ongoing improvements to historic Sunderland park as it becomes lockdown haven for residents – what are the improvements being made to the park? Can we speak to the council about what they’re hoping to achieve from the improvements?

None of the royals to wear military uniform at Prince Philips funeral – could we ask our followers what their opinion on this is?

Vaccine passports creates two-tier society, Equalities watchdog warns – are there concerns from young people in particular who are the last to be vaccinated?

Just 3% of world’s ecosystems remain intact, study suggests – should we ask students and young people if they are worried about the future of the world and what animals will be around when they have children?

Dog-bite Britain: the problem with the pandemic puppy explosion – could we speak to a new dog owner who has had problems with their dog?

Priti Patel’s detention policies found to breach human rights rules – could we speak to people who work with immigration charities about this



On this day in 2013 Sunderland beat Newcastle 3-0 at St James Park – memories of that day – speak to fans…

Season Tickets have been on sale at Sunderland now for a while, have people renewed/bought one?      



Asos have used a model who uses a hearing aid – are there charities we can speak to about how positive this is? And can we contact asos themselves?

Marks & Spencer X Ghost: Shop every piece in the range – what are our favourite picks from the collection?

Best summer dresses 2021 – 61 best summer dresses for women – a round-up of some of the best summer dresses available. 

16 Primark Pieces That Will Sell Out Now The Shops Have Reopened – what are people’s must-haves from high-street stores at the moment? 

The Body Shop Best-Sellers To Buy Plus Why It’s A Cult Brand to Know – can we test the vegan body butters out? Are they as good as the non-vegan body butters? 


Wed 14 April

Young black people three times more likely to be unemployed than white peers – what are unemployment rates like in Sunderland? Can we speak to unemployed black young people to ask why they feel they’re not getting jobs?

Bridgerton: Netflix commissions third and fourth series – do a review of the first series for Northern Lights.

LGBT homelessness: ‘I had to pretend to be straight’ – has homophobia contributed to homelessness in Tyne and Wear? Speak to Shelter and LGBT charities. Could we speak to someone who has experienced this?

Students returning to university in England from 17 May – how do local students feel about this? Most teaching is done by this point – do students feel as though they are missing out?

Tesco are pushing people to go and support local businesses – can we speak to someone from Tesco about this? What do local business owners think about the message?

UK woodlands ‘at crisis point’ amid wildlife decline – could we speak to the woodland trust about this? What could be done to improve this?

Former Sunderland city centre Revolution pub to become New York-style sports bar – who will take over it? Vox pop – are people looking forward to this? 

Sunderland’s first bubble tea shop proves a hit in first few days of opening – what is a bubble tea shop? Where is this? Can we speak to owners to get more information?

Tyne Tunnel barriers expected to be removed by December with roll out of new payment scheme – what is the new payment scheme? How does it work?

Prince Andrew to wear military attire for Prince Philip’s funeral – could we poll our readers and ask if he should be allowed? If Harry has been stripped of military badges, surely Andrew should?

ASK TONY: Crooks stole £4,000 from my daughter but Halifax won’t help – could we speak to anyone who has been scammed in lockdown and find out what happened

Urgent law reminder for Primark, Ikea, Asda, Tesco and Home Bargains customers – a reminder of the law – could we speak to anyone who has been fined?



Sunderland lost last night, are their automatic promotion hopes over? Could we speak to supporters groups about their feelings?

Hebburn are at Wembley soon for the FA Vase – can we speak to fans ahead of the game

What is happening with other local sports teams – Whitley Warriors (Ice Hockey), Newcastle Eagles, Newcastle Falcons, Speedway, Horse Racing etc

Tributes to ex-Darlington FC owner George Reynolds – who went from prison to meeting Trump and Oprah – what impact did he have on sport in the NE?



Glow Up is about to start it’s third series – what are the best looks from the first and second series?

Bridgerton Season 2: Netflix News, Release Date, Plot – what were our favourite moments from the first season? Best outfits? Can we look at outfits that are inspired by the show which can be worn casually?

Met Gala is to return for 2021 and 2022 – what are the best looks from past Met Galas? 

5 Outfit Ideas: What To Wear To The Pub Garden If It’s Freezing Cold Outside – chicest warm outfits. 


Tues 13 April

Only two in five pubs in England reopen – can we speak to owners of pubs which haven’t reopened – how do they feel watching others reopen when they aren’t able to?

Over-45s able to book Covid jab – over 45s can now book their Covid jab – how many people have had the jab in Tyne and Wear? Vox pop asking under 50s if they will get the jab.

Covid lockdown eases: England ‘buzzing’ after first night out in 97 days – what were bars in Tyne and Wear like last night? Was it as busy as expected?

Covid: Asthma drug ‘speeds up recovery at home’ – is this available locally? Has anyone in the NE tried this? Speak to a doctor to get more information about it.

You can now do tests from home, even without symptoms – can we speak to local testing centres about whether they’re expecting a decrease in the amount of people going to these sites. 

Has there been an increase in the amount of people using dating sites since lockdown began? Could we speak to people about their online dating success stories and failures?

Covid: ‘I’m very happy to have my hairdresser back’ – could we look at some people’s extreme lockdown hair? Gather some before and after pictures?

Gyms reopening – what is the positive impact of this? Can we speak to mental health charities about how this can help people?

New York-style pizza slices and takeaway pints to be served from Seaham pub hatch – can we speak to the owners of this new business?

Roller rink, rides and astro turf beer garden coming to Rainton Arena from Monday, April 12 – could we go and get video footage of roller skating/rides? Speak to the workers and people who are visiting – is it a success? 

Could we speak to local pubs/gyms about the opening yesterday and how it went? 

Did catching Covid-19 help these patients fight cancer? – could we speak to a health expert about this? 

Prince Philip dies: BBC gets ‘more than 100,000 complaints’ over ‘excessive’ TV coverage – could we poll our social media and ask if they felt it was excessive 

This is a moment to mark the Elizabethan era, and ask what Britain has become | Polly Toynbee – Are we questioning the Royal Family as a nation?



Sunderland v Wigan preview – interview opp fan

Hebburn Town Wembley visit for FA Vase final 



The best coats to wear while sitting in beer gardens.

Moxie on Netflix: Everything You Need To Know – what are the best ‘feminist’ inspired pieces of clothing? Why is it such an important film for women and men to watch?

16 Primark Pieces That Will Sell Out Now The Shops Have Reopened – what are our favourite items from high-street stores now they’re open again? 

What are the beauty treatments we are all dying to get now the salons have reopened? 


Mon 12 April

England Covid lockdown eases: PM warns people to ‘behave responsibly’ – what is it like for local businesses reopening today? Can we talk to gym/bar owners etc?

Bafta Film Awards 2021: Snobbery, pianos and other takeaways – Northern Lights – look at the winners/nominations – is it what was expected?

Where are Britain’s loneliest places in lockdown? – some places in the North East and nearby are included in this list – could we do a vox pop about people feeling lonely locally? Speak to mental health charities about the impact of loneliness. 

Mobile phones should be banned in schools – Gavin Williamson – do local teachers/ students/ parents agree with this? 

Covid: Deaths in England and Wales fall 92% since January peak – what are Covid cases looking like locally? Have they dropped as much as the average?

‘I can’t wait to go shopping again, it’s been ages’ – vox pop – how do local people feel about returning to the shops? Are workers nervous about it?

Airshow cancelled again over coronavirus concerns – can we speak to the organisers and usual attendees? How do people feel about this with it being the second year of it being cancelled?

LIVE: Queue outside Primark as lockdown eases and shops, bars, restaurants and gyms allowed to reopen – what are the queues for the shops like? Can we speak to people in the queues about why they are so desperate to get back to the shops?

Debenhams is open before they close permanently – can we speak to the manager, the Bridges, workers and shoppers about the stores closure? When will it be closing?

Beamish Museum ready to welcome back visitors as it reopens outdoor areas from April 12 – are there any other family attractions outdoors which can now be visited? Do an infomap of the best places we can now attend in the North East and speak to the relevant managers and business owners. 

Scooters are now being used across Sunderland – how can you hire one? What can you do/where can you go?

Prince Philip’s funeral is Saturday – is there any remembrance planned in Sunderland/Newcastle/Durham?

Thirsty drinkers rush to pubs in the snow at midnight – can we find anyone who went to the pub at midnight? What was it like?

Anorexia stalked Nikki Grahame her whole life and lockdown pushed her – eating disorder awareness – speak to local charities about the issues they have faced this past year

Should Prince Andrew have been interviewed about his fathers death? 

Black youth unemployment rate of 40% similar to time of Brixton riots, data shows – is this systematic racism?

Butcher wins battle to overturn more than 50 parking tickets worth £20,000 by finding a clever loophole – could we ask our readers for their best parking fine stories

 Island life: fancy spending a summer protecting the wildlife? Can we talk to the NT and get some insight into what life’s like as a Farne ranger?

Conversion therapy in the UK is still not banned – can we speak to a local LGBT+ charity about this?


Sunderland lost for the first time in 15 games on Saturday – review game, use interviews and preview Tuesday game v Wigan

New refs’ mental health champion warns over the toll of abuse of refs – can we interview him and find local refs to speak on the issue? Can we ask why does football provoke such abuse?

Newcastle won on Sunday – are they safe? Ask fans for their views

Sunderland Ladies are out of the FA Cup – reaction to game

Hebburn Town preparing for Wembley – preview game – speak to fans

Wrestlemania weekend – how did people watch in the UK?


Best BAFTA looks from last night – who caught our eye the most?

What are people wearing in the beer gardens today?

What are the best SPF products we need for summer?

What are the best gym clothes we can wear now the gyms have reopened?